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Open Mind
An International Master Program in Cognitive Science

Open Mind

OPEN MIND is a two-year master program in cognitive science, taught by an international group of experts from relevant disciplines of cognitive science. The language of instruction and professional communication is English. The classes are intensive, from two to three weeks, in late afternoons weekdays and Saturday mornings, and involve lectures and seminar-type discussions. The program will conclude with a master thesis in one of the domains covered by the classes offered, under the supervision of the respective teacher. Attendance and active participation are mandatory.


OPEN MIND makes a special and sustained effort to go beyond the traditional core of cognitive science and include new and dynamic domains such as developmental and evolutionary psychology, neurophilosophy, language acquisition, social neuroscience, moral psychology and cognitive anthropology, among others. This open-mindedness should be attractive and instructive for a large spectrum of students from a variety of countries and disciplines, with a variety of backgrounds.

Schedule of classes 2015-2017

Semester I (October 2015 – January 2016) Mircea Dumitru (University of Bucharest), REASONING Teodora Gliga (Birbeck College, London), COGNITIVE AND BRAIN DEVELOPMENT Semester II (January...

Schedule of classes 2012-2014

Semester I​: October - early December 2012 Manuel Schabus(University of Salzburg),CONSCIOUSNESS(October-December) Radu Bogdan(Tulane University, University of Bucharest),MIND IN EVOLUTION(Octobe...

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Dates for registration

Registration: September 3-19. Interview: Thursday, September 20, 9 am, Faculty of Philosophy, Splaiul Independentei 204, Bucharest.

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