University of Bucharest

Open Mind
An International Master Program in Cognitive Science


Semester I​: October - early December 2012

Manuel Schabus (University of Salzburg), CONSCIOUSNESS (October-December)

Radu Bogdan (Tulane University, University of Bucharest), MIND IN EVOLUTION (October-November)


Semester I​I: February - April 2013

Teodora Gliga (Birbeck College, University of London), COGNITIVE AND BRAIN DEVELOPMENT (February)

Coralie Chevallier (University of Pennsylvania), SOCIAL COGNITION (March)

Nicolas Baumard (University of Pennsylvania), MORAL PSYCHOLOGY (March)


Semester I​II (May - June 2013)

Patricia Ganea (University of Toronto), LANGUAGE ACQUISITION (May-June)

Gyorgy Gergely (Central European University) and Josef Perner (University of Salzburg), THEORY OF MIND (June)

In connection with the Theory of Mind class scheduled for June 2013, OPEN MIND will organize a workshop on Theory of Mind and the Social Design of the Mind, on June 14 and 15, 2013, with the participation of Radu Bogdan (Tulane University and University of Bucharest), Patricia Ganea (University of Toronto), Gyorgy Gergely (Central European University), Peter Hobson (University College London), Josef Perner (University of Salzburg), Wolfgang Prinz (Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences) and Hannes Rakoczy (University of Gottingen). The workshop is open to the public but attendance is required of students in the Master program.


Semester I​: October-December 2013

Claus Lamm (University of Vienna) and Giorgia Silani (SISSA, Trieste), SOCIAL NEUROSCIENCE

Denis Enachescu (University of Bucharest), THE COMPUTATIONAL MIND

Alice ter Meulen (Université de Geneve), INTERPRETATION, INFERENCE AND INFORMATION


Semester I​I: January-April 2014

Mircea Dumitru (University of Bucharest), REASONING

Angelica Staniloiu (University of Bielefeld), MEMORY

Coralie Chevallier (University of Pennsylvania), THE BIOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL BASES OF MOTIVATION

Nicolas Baumard, (University of Pennsylvania), COGNITION AND CULTURE