University of Bucharest

Open Mind
An International Master Program in Cognitive Science


Semester I (October –December 2018)

Hans Markowitsch (University of Bielefeld) and Angelica Staniloiu (University of Toronto), MEMORY, Oct 2018

Mircea Dumitru (University of Bucharest), REASONING, Nov 2018


Semester II (February – April 2019)

Florian Cova (University of Geneva), MORAL PSYCHOLOGY, Feb 2018/March 2019

Antti Revonsuo (University of Turku), CONSCIOUSNESS, March 2019

Theodora Gliga (University of East Anglia), COGNITIVE AND BRAIN DEVELOPMENT, April 15 - 26, 2019


Semester III (May – June 2019)

Radu Bogdan (Tulane University), MIND IN EVOLUTION, May/June 2019


Semester IV (October – December 2019)

Pierre Jacob (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris), THEORY OF MIND, Oct/Nov 2019

Birgit Rauchbauer (University of Vienna), SOCIAL NEUROSCIENCE, Oct/Nov 2019

Sorin Costreie (University of Bucharest), Mental Representations, Nov 2019


Semester V (March – May 2020)

Thom Scott-Phillips (CEU), CULTURE AND COGNITION, March 2020

Guillaume Dezecache (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris), SOCIAL COGNITION, April 2020

Alina Tigau (University of Bucharest), COMPUTATIONAL MIND: LANGUAGE, May 2020 


"Exact dates for the courses will be announced in early September”